using synesthesia for viz for suzi analogue at just us (club a.b.l.u.n.t.)

didn’t take a recording of this but got a substantial amount of positive engagement and feedback from attendees and friends and acquaintances that i was assured it went pretty well. (personally, i felt that maybe < 5% of the time did i feel my viz was uncontrolled and i needed to transition out of it, but that i mostly paced well and that the viz looked both appropriate and appealing.) i think my prep (several hours’ worth) and the copious visuals videos (which were themselves well-edited and also made me feel comfortable about what style and color palettes to use) that suzi sent ensured success <3

i felt like i was maybe one rehearsed “high-intensity” shader short so i improvised a bit on the final cut but the energy was very good and it went well.

i finallllly wrote some glsl and am looking forward to making more custom shaders for future events — the responsivity in synesthesia is very good and this is only the second chance i had to try it (the first being nye 2023).